Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter H Creativity Challenge

This is a blog idea that really needs participants in order to work. So I am hoping to pick up some followers who would be interested in participating in a weekly creative challenge. Generally I will post the weekly challenge idea on Sunday's. During the month of April I am participating in the A-Z blogging challenge and will be posting a collection of creative ideas for each letter of the alphabet that I have collected over the past year.

This challenge is to create something that features the letter H.
It might be a photograph, a craft project, a recipe, a poem, could be musical. If you would like to submit your idea you can send me jpegs or your pinterest embed code and a brief description of your creative idea. My hope would be that we all stir up creativity in each other.

You can take part in any past creative challenge on this blog. You just need to let me know the post title of the challenge you want to be included and I will add your submissions when I receive them. You can send your submissions to spark_my_creativity@yahoo.com

These are some of my own H is for hair pins projects
Source: artfire.com via Margot on Pinterest

Source: artfire.com via Margot on Pinterest

Here's a collection of my mosaic hearts

Other ideas I found

Source: etsy.com via Margot on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Margot on Pinterest


  1. All of the hairpins are gorgeous. And I love the wine cork H!

  2. As much as those letter cut outs made from books pain me they are soooo awesome! Me want.

    Man I envy crafty people. My attention wanders away half way through so the project never finishes. Much like those shelves in my spare room that aren't up on the wall yet. *cough*

    1. The books look fun - wonder if you can cut them like wood on a scroll saw. That would be how I would try and do them. Which would make them a pretty fast project. I try to generally do a lot of fast projects but then a throw in a big one here and there. Theres a structural tension thing that is created that helps you to finish when you can see both where you are presently in the project and the end you want to reach. I try to think of all my projects as a journey even if I take time off from them. Breaks are ok like rests in music add to the beauty and the tension. You just don't rest forever at some point you must move on towards your desired goal.

      Thanks for your comment. I'm sure your shelves in that spare room will be great. Get done with the A-Z and then get them hung. Then send me a photo to post of them.

      Blessings, Margot