Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alphabet Challenge

This challenge is to create an Alphabet
It might be a photograph, a craft project, a recipe, a poem, could be musical. If you would like to submit your idea you can send me jpegs or your pinterest embed code and a brief description of your creative idea. My hope would be that we all stir up creativity in each other.
This one is leading us into the A-Z challenge during the month of April where every day there will be a challenge for each of the letters of the Alphabet. This is the last Weekly Challenge post until May 5th when I resume our regular weekly blogging schedule. For April there is a challenge for every day except Sunday all month long. I look forward to your submissions.

You can take part in any past creative challenge on this blog. You just need to let me know the post title of the challenge you want to be included and I will add your submissions when I receive them. You can send your submissions to
To help get your creative juices flowing with I have posted some  examples of projects I found on Pinterest.

My own Alphabet project was to create an e-book from last years A-Z challenge devotional posts that I wrote. 
Source: via Margot on Pinterest

Some Alphabet ideas to get you thinking about your own project. 

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